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Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society
St. Louis, Missouri


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New member Ken Vaisvil here.

I am writing to inform you of two back to back field trips I will be
leading in October.  I will try to get this info into the news letter as
well, but pass this info on to other club members with out e-mail if you

Saturday, October 19th

The Hwy 61 road construction between La Grange and Canton, Missouri has
exposed some beautiful Warsaw Formation (Keokuk) geodes.  The secret is
out and the area is starting to get picked over.  There are iridescent
brown geodes, pink dogtooth calcite geodes, geodes with selenite and
smoky quartz geodes to be found.  The nearby La Grange road cut still
produces geodes with red chalcedony rinds, some containing aragonite and
some with chalcopyrite/malachite.

We will park and meet on the east side of Hwy 61 just before the sign
reading "next exit Canton" at 10:00 am.  It takes from 2 to 2 1/2 hours
to reach from St. Louis.  Bring buckets and whatever tools you want.
There are places to pry geodes out of hard shale or you can pry them out
of the dirt where the construction equipment has strewn them everwhere.
If there is rain there will be lots of mud.

For those who don't want to drive as far:

Sunday, October 20th

We will meet at 12:30 pm at the Circuit City parking lot at I-55 &
Lindbergh.  Park in the lot away from the store, please.  Shortly
thereafter, we will car pool as much as possible to go to roadcut on I-55
in Imperial to collect pyrite.  The pyrite occurs as rosettes of cubes
made of cubes.  After an hour or two of collecting, we will go back north
a few miles to collect calcite geodes on the I-55 outer road near the
Richardson Rd. exit.  There we should find pink dogstooth calcite &
iridescent brown calcite geodes.

If you have further questions just send me an e-mail or you can call me.