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Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society
St. Louis, Missouri


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Field Trips To Far & Distant Places!

Members of the Association have invited us to go along on another field trip over Memorial Day Week-end to Arkansas.  Steve Levin from the St. Louis Gem & Mineral Club will be leading the trip. The plan is to  travel to Fiddler’s Ridge on May 24th.   May 25th, we will go to Willis Mine for inclusion quartz.  Then on May 26 & 27 we will be going to two of the Coleman Mines for quartz.  If we have a large enough group, Coleman’s will pull out a couple of dump truck loads from the same vein where three giant clusters  have already been found!  (See page 4) We will head home on May 28th.  Contact Steve Levin for more information at 314-432-1922. 

 We did a field trip here several years ago, had a great time and came home with some fine specimens.


Midwest Federation Trip
We are trying to get a group together to go to the Midwest Federation Show hosted by the Northwest Wisconsin Gem & Mineral Society at Rice Lake, Wisconsin this September 7-9. 2001.  Rice Lake is about 590 miles from St. Louis.  For more information contact either Roy Wickman at 715-357-3223 or Pamela Hecht at 715-822-2974.  Rice Lake Chamber of Commerce has a nice web page ( where we can check out all types of lodging.

  April Mineral of the Month
Hank Schlichter will continue with his “Mineral of the Month.”  This month it will be mica.  Bring a specimen to share with us.  Thanks, Hank.  This has been an enjoyable addition to our meetings.

 Minutes of Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society meeting
April 20, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Bob Morse at 7:07 P.M. There were 12 members and 5 guests present.

The Secretary’s report was read and accepted.

The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted.

The Science Fair was judged and Sydney Horton from Mary Queen of Peace won the senior prize.  It was a $25 gift certificate for a book at Borders Book Store.  The second prize went to Jack Yockey for the Junior division.  It was a $20  gift certificate.

Volunteers are needed for the  the next Association  Show .  We will need workers and displays.  This is where most of our money comes from and the more we do, the more money we will get.  We will work in three hour shifts.  The show is August 17-18-19.

September 7-8-9 is the Midwest Federation Show at Rice Lake, Wis.  They are planning some interesting field trips.  There are some very interesting collecting places in Wisconsin.

There will be a Swap show near Farmington, MO in June.

The St. Louis Gem & Mineral Society will have a field trip to Fiddler’s Ridge in Arkansas on May 27

Barbara Sky and Bob Morse will be our representatives for the Association Show

Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm there will be an interesting book review at Borders Book Store in Ballwin, MO.

The door prize was won by Lewis Stangle.  He is a new member of our club.

Hank Schlichter gave a very interesting talk  on dolomite.

Bob Morse gave a slide presentation on glaciers.  It was very interesting.

Respectfully submitted

Helen Heitland, Sec.     

Science Fair Winners
Thanks go to the Schlichters and the Larson’s for judging for the Science Fair.  Jack Yockey, Grade one at Truman Elementary, won the junior division for his display “Classification of Rocks”.  Sydney Horton from Mary, Queen of Peace, won the senior division with “World of Crystals.”


 News from Other Clubs

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Giant Quartz Crystal Cluster Found in Coleman’s Mine, Arkansas!
This past Nov. the Colemans made the discovery of an outstanding cluster of large quartz crystals.  The giant cluster weighed 1200lbs and required the construction of a special cleaning vat.  The crystals have incredible clarity and form a pyramid of double terminated crystals with one crystal at the very top being 30 inches long and as big around as a wrestlers arm.  It is currently for sale with a price tag of $1,500,000.

Via Rock Lore 1/2001


“The Lapidary Digest is back!!  This widely circulated e-mail Digest is devoted to queries and answers on lapidary topics. it is delivered weekly and subscription is free; just send an e-mail to and put the word SUBSCRIBE on the subject line of the message form”

Via Mountain Gem, 1/01


What is a Rockhound?
He’s not an animal, for most of the time he walks on two feet, although when seen in the fields, she’s on all fours, and sometimes all you can see are two boot soles protruding from a hole no bigger than a posthole.  He may be wading in a stream with ice floating by or half buried in sand on the beach.  She will be well-groomed, trimmed and coiffed, or he maybe dressed in clothes which would disgrace a scarecrow.  You can find her most any place, as long as no one has been there since the Indians ran wild or since the last flash flood or desert windstorm.  At home, he could be your next door neighbor, your doctor, your minister or she might be your hairdresser, your favorite movie star or most anyone.  This is a person who believes in the beauty of Nature, who loves the great outdoors, who loves to create!  An honest person, close to God, a true Nature Lover!  S/He’s a rockhound!                                  

Via Lithnics and Mountain Gem   


Two paleontologists came upon some tracks.  One said they were stegosaurus tracks.  The other said they were T-Rex tracks.  They were still arguing when the train hit them.

Via AFMS Newsletter 5/01

  Famous Blackfly Recipe
Plan on going to the UP or Wisconsin this summer?  Then you need this black fly recipe:

So-Soft Insect Spray
2 Cups white vinegar
1 Cup Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil
1 C water
1 TBL Eucalyptus oil (at drug store)
Mix and use in a spray bottle. May be used several times a day, depending on how active you are.

Via MWF Newsletter 5/01