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Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society
St. Louis, Missouri


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Rockwood Rockhound News December 2002

Christmas Party
This year the Larson’s have graciously offered their home for the Christmas party. The club will furnish the meat while members will sign up to bring either a salad, vegetable or dessert . If not already signed up, please call Dianne at 636-256-0241 to let us know what you are bringing.
For the gift exchange, we thought it might be fun if each of us wrapped a rock to trade.
A map to the Larson’s home can be found on the back.

It was decided at the November meeting to keep the officers we have until 2003. We really need to show our appreciation for the willingness of these people to continue serving year after year.
So next time we see President Joan Schlichter, , V.P Peggy Nuske, Secretary Marianne Toenjes and Treasurer Bob Morse, give them a pat on the back and a big thank you!

New Meeting Day
Because of budget cuts, starting on Jan. 1, 2003, the public libraries will close at 5 pm on Fridays. We have changed our meeting day to the third Thursday of each month. 

We are very sorry to learn that Larry Toenjes is in the hospital. If you wish to send a card, his address is : 1174 Fairview Dr., Ellisville, MO 63011. Keep the Toenjes family in your prayers.

New Arrival!
Claudia Uccello is happy to announce the birth of her new little granddaughter on November 16, 2002. This tiny little 4 lb, 6 oz baby has a big name-- Gianna Lucia Florentino . She is in intensive care are the moment waiting for her lungs to catch up. The doctors are predicting that she will be home for Christmas. Since Claudia is on her way to New York, this will be an abbreviated newsletter.

Candelight House Tour

Old Trails Historical society is sponsoring, a candlelight house tour on Sunday Dec, 8, 2-8 . Tickets are $10 and available at the Bacon Cabin at the entrance to the Larson's subdivision. The cabin will be open as well as the Lyceum on Manchester and 5 beautifully decorated houses. The homes will have traditional holiday refreshments and candle lit walks. for further information call. Janice 636-256-7330

Anyone interested in doing this could contact Dianne Larson at 636-256-0241 and we could car pool.

Minutes of the Rockwood Gem & Mineral Society
November 15, 2002

The meeting was called to order by president, Joan Schlicter, at 7:05.
Minutes of the last meeting were read by Dianne Larson as Marianne Toenjes was absent.
A couple corrections were made: 15% of the show profit goes to the Association not our club. The Midwest Fed. show conflicts with
our 2003 show not the 2005 show.

A treasurer's report was not given as Bob Morse was not in attendance.

Committee reports as follows:
Editor Claudia Uccello said that she will put out a Dec. bulletin and it will have a map for
Larson's for the Christmas Party.

Education: Hank Schlicter We need to be sure the club fliers get to the weekend show and keep them in libraries. We will have a display in the Grand Glaize library in Jan and Claudia and Eleanor will set this up. We will also have a display in the new Sachs library in Feb. The club fliers need to
have the meeting date changed to Thurs. for next year.

Field Trip: Andy reported on the trip to get geodes north of Hannibal. Six from our club went. Ken shared about this too and said that he would be going again on Sunday if anyone was interested. He has been
busy cutting geodes and has quite a collection. He brought several boxes of cut geodes to the meeting to give to members and then the rest to go to the boutique for next show. Everyone who went was pleased with their
finds. Five members went to the St. Louis Gem and Mineral Show , 11/8-10.

Telephone : Joyce Erard reported that she had called everyone for the geode trip. It is not necessary to call about the Christmas lunch as the information will be in the newsletter.
Coordinator: Dianne Larson put out a sign up sheet for the food for the Christmas lunch. Those not at the meeting may call to find out what is needed. Everyone is to bring some extra rock etc. wrapped . for a gift exchange. the club will supply the meat. The luncheon is from 2-4.

Nominating committee report: The committee consisted of Dianne, Hank and Eleanor. The current officers were asked if they were willing to continue for one more year and all agreed. A motion was made and seconded to
accept this slate and a vote was in favor of the current officers continuing to serve. Thank you to these officers!

Other news: Claudia said that she will send in the subscriptions for Rock and Mineral Magazine.

Larry Toenjes is in the hospital with a
nervous system problem as yet undiagnosed. Notes were written to him by club members to be included in a card.

Our speaker for the night could
not make it so the Schlichters covered with a video program. we had 17 members and 2 guests in attendance. Helen Heitland brought a friend ,Pat Brettell, from Gambril Gardens.

Formal meeting was adjourned at 7:30 by the president.

Hank Schlichter presented concretions as the mineral of the month and couple members brought theirs to share. After a short break, we viewed a fascinating video on Salt Mining from the Schlichter collection.

Submitted by Dianne Larson, sec. pro- tem

Christmas Party
Dec. 8, 2002
2-4 pm
474 Graywood

Here is to a happy and safe Holiday Season to all!