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Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society
St. Louis, Missouri


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We had quite a discussion at our February meeting on what to do with our surplus. (Can you imagine that!)  We decided to donate $1000 to the Missouri Mines Mineral Museum.  We are donating it directly to the Friends of the Museum.  This way when Art Hebrenk finds some appropriate specimens, he will have a fund available to buy them.  This is a great museum and only one of a kind.  We have gone there on field trips and been quite impressed.  Read the minutes and find out about some of the other suggestions.  We still have quite a surplus and would appreciate ideas from the members.  

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 Mary Parrott finished up the meeting with a nice video on the recently opened  Natural Bridge Cavern in Texas.

Mineral of the Month
Hank Schlichter will be talking about Rhyolite in March.  Lots of people brought petrified wood to the last meeting.  It was quite interesting to see all the different varieties of it.  Let's all bring a piece of rhyolite in March.  This Show and Tell is a fun learning experience plus we get to show off some of our good stuff!

Peggy Nuske is recovering from her gall bladder operation and is back at school.

  News Form Other Clubs

Is "Permanently Bonded" really Forever?
by Rita O'Neal

 Recently I purchased a beautiful Brazilian agate which was glued to a bolo slide.  When I asked the dealer how I could remove the agate so I could display it rather than wear it, he replied that he glued it with epoxy, and it was to Stay.

 Later I happened to ask another dealer if he knew of a way I could remove the agate from the tie slide.  He said they do it all the time.  Just put it in the freezer over night.  The next morning use a knife with a thin blade and gently push or pry the blade under the edge of the fastener.  The tie slide will just pop off.  I followed his instruction and sure enough, it popped right off.  I cleaned off the remaining glue with nail polish remover, which was the dealer's second suggestion if the freezer method didn't work. (Via The Post Rock & The Glacial Drifter)

A Bit of Trivia

Linnaeus (1707-1778) proposed the system of binomial nomenclature and named and described many fossils.  But he mistakenly assigned them to the mineral kingdom.

Put the Fun Back
by Bill Burns

 According to Webster's Dictionary, a hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation in one's spare time.  I am certain that is why so many of us  became interested in this hobby.  It is exciting to go on field trips and find beautiful gems and minerals.  What a joy it is to cut a slab and see the beautiful colors and designs, or to clean a mineral and view nature's perfection, or to discover a good fossil specimen. Taking these prizes to a club meeting or a show to share with others brings even more satisfaction.

 Gem & mineral collecting is versatile; a person can enjoy it out on the desert, in a shop, at a meeting or at a show.  But we have to become involved to gain the pleasure that we are seeking.  People can not receive gratification unless they participate.

 We have a great hobby-let's put the fun back.  Get a little cab making going, a little silver smithing started; get into rockhounding. WE'RE GONNA BE ALL RIGHT! (Via: Cobb-L-Stones, SCFMS News)

Minutes of the Board Meeting
of the
Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society

February 20, 2003

President Joan Schlichter asked for suggestions to increase membership.  She thanked Claudia for her past work on the bulletin.  Treasurer Bob Morse suggested making business cards to dispense at the B & J Rock Shop.  He offered to make them on his computer.  He said the Association will soon have a web site which could have a link to our club.  Claudia said the March program will be about Brazil.  Claudia suggested scheduling field trips early so as to advertise on the web site.

Bob Morse gave the financial report.  He suggested donating money to the mineral area museum.  It could be given to the state fund or the Friends of the Museum so it could be used any way thought best by Art Hebrink.  Claudia made a motion that the board should recommend a donation of $1000 to the Friends of the Mineral Area Museum requesting a plaque acknowledging the donation.   The motion was approved by the board.

Claudia suggested paying our speakers more than the $25 now allotted.

Hank suggested a traveling display by the club to send to schools, etc.

The board meeting ended at 7 p.m.  Submitted by Marianne Toenjes, Secretary/FONTB

Minutes of the February 20, 2003 Meeting of the Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society

The meeting was called to order by president Joan Schlichter at 7:10 p.m.

Hospitality chairman Helen Heitland reported there were fourteen members and one guest,  (Ray Juergenson) present.

Minutes of the January 17, 2003 meeting were published in the bulletin and accepted as printed.

The treasurer's report was presented by Bob Morse.

Coordinator and Science Fair chairman Dianne Larson reported the suggestion at the board meeting to increase the amount of a prize to the Science Fair winners.  Claudia made a motion to double the amount to $40 for elementary and $50 for the secondary prize.  Claudia suggested a gift certificate to a book store instead of the B & J rock shop because winners who lived at a distance usually did not use their gift certificates there.  Joan suggested a savings bond but felt the person buying the gift should decide what to get.  Dianne said all should bring specimens from Brazil to show in March when new member Pat will give a presentation on Brazil.

Editor Claudia mentioned $6 was due to the club from Rock and Gem magazine as part of  their promotion.  Joan said thanks to Claudia for work on the bulletin and other help.

Education chairman Hank Schlichter and Dianne Larson mentioned that a traveling exhibit could be sent to libraries, the Butterfly House, schools, etc.

Joan said we probably need a new historian since Matt Bannon has not participated in club activities lately.  The job entails taking photos or getting them from others at events and keeping records of club activities.

Field trip chairman Andy Larson reported that a trip to Bill Thies' house is scheduled for Saturday February 22 at 10 a.m.  Participants will meet at the Larson's home at 9 a.m.  Ken reminded us of next month's field trip to Washington University on March 1.

Telephone committee chairman Joyce Erard had no report.  Bob Morse promised her a list of paid members (18) soon.

Bob Morse reported that the Association is planning a web page.  He recommends putting information on the club on this page to increase participation.  There is no charge for this site. The club would have a link and key words on the web site.

Secretary Marianne Toenjes read the recommendation at the board meeting to donate $1000 to the Mineral Area Museum.   It was approved and seconded.  Discussion was requested.  Andy Larson regretted the distance but thought the donation was a good idea.  Hank Schlichter said to talk to Art Hebrink about his ideas for use of the money.  It was agreed the money should be spent for specimens.  The proposal passed by unanimous vote.

Discussion about a traveling display for libraries, schools and shows ensued.  Joan suggested investigation of cost, where to store, insurance, etc.  Bob Morse, Hank and Claudia volunteered to be on a committee to investigate feasibility.

A discussion followed on raising the amount of payment to speakers.  We now give $25.  Hank suggested tabling discussion because of current small attendance at meetings.

New Business--Ken said wants to  donate geodes to schools and perhaps to scouts at the April meeting. Peggy Nuske would like some.

There was a motion to adjourn at 8 p.m.

The winner of the attendance prize was Marianne Toenjes.

Hank Schlichter gave a talk on petrified wood.

Mary Parrott presented a video program on the Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas.

Submitted by Marianne Toenjes, Secretary