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Rockwood Gem and Mineral Society
St. Louis, Missouri


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March 2004

Field Trips

On Saturday, March 20,2004, the St. Louis Gem & Mineral Society is having a field trip to Dillard, MO in order to collect Drusy Quartz. Roy Hurlburt says that they are always glad to have members of other clubs attend. They will be meeting at 8:00 A.M. sharp. They will leave from the commuter lot on the NW corner of I-44 and Highway 141. At this location, drusy can be picked up off the ground, dug for, or chipped out of the Potosi Dolomite outcropping. Bring appropriate tools. Child supervision is a must as the dangers of a rocky cliff and nearby highway are present. Since the weather is turning nice, it will be fun to get outside in the open air with good friends.

In February we learned more about copper mining and quality control than we ever knew we wanted to know!. We saw the video “Copper Ore to End Product” about copper mining in the Calumet and Hecla Copper mines in the upper peninsular or Michigan. These mines survived 102 years--through WWI, the depression, WWII until 1968 when the strike shut it down. When the mines were in their glory, 60-70,000 people were employed there. The video also covered the making of copper tubing in the Wolverine Tubing Co.

Barbara Sky will be judging the competitive exhibits at the Kansas City Show on March 12-14. Perhaps we can get Barbara to give us some pointers so that we can do some competitive exhibits at Queeny next August.

Paul joined our club this past year. He was born in Mosbach, Germany and was brought over here by his parents 54 years ago. Paul says that he has been interested in rocks, minerals, and geology his whole life. Since he is retired and single, he likes to pick up and drive all over the country, seeing he sights and going rocking.

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A Paleolithic Rockhound
Rock hounding is nothing new! In a cave in central France, a Neanderthal’s collection was found. It consisted of a piece of fool’s gold (pyrite), fossil shells and coral. All objects were collected miles from the cave. They showed no signs of being worn; instead they apparently were placed in the corner for the owner to admire 50,000 years ago. (Via: Chip & Lick, The Chiseler, the Tumbler, Rocky Reader and Fort Hamilton Gems)

According to the American Geological Institute Glossary of Geological Terms, “rockhound” is a term first used by oil drillers for geologists,who often smell rock samples taken from well cuttings for the odor of oil. They used to say, “He hunts for oil like a hound dog,” which evolved into rockhound. (Via: Pick & Pack)



The meeting was called to order by Vice President Hank Schlichter at 7:06 p.m.
Eleven members and one guest, Mark Kniffen, were present.

The minutes of the January meeting were approved as published.

Hank announced a change from the announced program on South Dakota Fairborn Agates to a video on copper mining and manufacturing.

The treasurer's report was read by Bob Morse and approved. He said profits earned from our club's participation in the August gem and mineral show will be about $700 and this provides most of the club's income. A question was asked from the floor whether there is an annual accounting. The treasurer answered no but he will do so in the future. The greatest expense is the bulletin followed by the $10 per month paid to the library for use of the meeting room.

Editor Claudia Uccello said Helen Heitland left a case and other items to the club which she will get from Helen's daughter Judy when she can.

Vice President Hank Schlichter repeated a request for judges at the upcoming Science Fair and said an appointment should be made soon. He also requested field trip suggestions.

The phone committee and coordinator had

no report. The historian was absent.

Claudia eulogized Helen Heitland with stories of their trips together and reminders of Helen's quiet work for the club in spite of heart problems.

New business--Hank mentioned the upcoming Cabin Fever Show, Feb. 20-22 and the Midwest Federation show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa April 23-25. He also offered $1 off tickets to the Earth Science Club of Greater Kansas City show March 12-14.

Bob Morse volunteered to be the delegate to the Midwest Federation show in Cedar Rapids.

The attendance prize was won by Dan Kniffen.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m. followed by the video on copper mining and production.

Submitted by Secretary Marianne Toenjes

We need an Education Chairman and a hospitality person. Won’t you please consider doing one of these duties?